Title:National Gas

Achievement:lower-pressure distribution pipeline in Holand
Achievement introduction
: The lower-pressure distribution pipeline network takes gas from the NTS and delivers it to homes and businesses. National Grid owns and operates the distribution network in the North West of England, the West Midlands, East of England and North London.
Product name: LSAW
Specification: API 5L PSL1 X52,GR.B 28"&32" SCH30-SCH XXS
Quantity: 850MT
Year: 2011
Country: Holand

Title:Gas Pipe Line

Achievement:liquefied gas transportation in Georgia
Achievement introduction
: The project that would see liquefied gas transported from Azerbaijan through Georgia and across the Black Sea to Bulgaria.
Product name: LSAW
Specification: API 5L PSL2 X70 32" 14.2MM 12.75MM
Quantity: 4200MTĀ 
Year: 2011
Country: Georgia

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