TPCO speeds up welded steel pipe base construction

Northern Economic Times reported that that Tianjin Pipe Group Cooperation(TPCO) has speeded up its welded steel pipe base construction to ensure an overall success.

In view of the large demand in global welded steel pipe market and shortage of high end pipe products,
Tianjin Pipe decided to cooperate with Hunan Shinestar Steel Group to establish a welded steel pipe base which is carried out into two stages with covers a total land of 790 mus.

1. With the total investment of CNY 1.5 billion is aiming to construct two welded steel pipe production lines to gain 0.45 million tonnes of pipes and CNY 3 billion of sales incomes each year
2. Construction is to build a 1 million tonnes per year high grade welded steel pipe base with investment of CNY 3 billion.

 Date:2009-10-29 10:46:23


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