Steel Coal Production Capacity to Achieve Phased Results

Looking back on the past 2016, it is the crucial year for the structural steel pipe reform of the supply side and the beginning of the year. Shinestar Steel Research Institute believes that this year, the coal industry to iron and steel production capacity has been able to achieve important achievements, from the relevant departments to strengthen coordination, strengthen supervision and guidance, pay close attention to the implementation of measures.

As is know to all,to resolve the excess capacity of steel and iron is a major task to promote structural reform of the supply side, but also an important breakthrough in production capacity. As the angle steel, galvanized angle steel, channel steel, galvanized channel steel, pipe, oil casing and other products shelf production services, Shinestar group has been actively response to the government's call to capacity, resolutely to translate to capacity, a comprehensive power supply side structural reforms.

In early 2016, the State Council on the steel and coal industry to resolve overcapacity turnaround development views have issued clear guiding ideology, basic principles, objectives, main tasks, policies and measures to coal production capacity of iron and steel, iron and steel production to determine the coal science to specific goals and tasks.

To ensure that can not meet the environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety and industrial policy requirements of capacity and exit according to regulation and in accordance with the relevant departments to carry out the illegal construction project clearance joint law enforcement, backward and three "initiative", found and dealt with according to regulation in accordance with the law of a batch of illegal and not up to standard enterprise, form a powerful momentum to curb illegal.Keep and at the same time, through the implementation of control, financial policy, perfecting the taxation policy, revitalize the land resources, increasing policy incentives, encourage enterprises through active reduce exit, mergers and reorganization and transformation conversion exit section steel production capacity, guide the coal overcapacity voluntary exit.

Although to do is "subtraction" capacity, but its ultimate goal is to achieve industrial upgrading "additive". In the process of production, insist to capacity and promote the combination of regional layout optimization, and promote the combination of product and technical structure upgrade, and promote the construction of the "area" and the international cooperation capacity, efforts to promote upgrading of the industrial structure.

In 2016, in time and heavy task, difficult cases, iron and steel production capacity of coal to work achievements, production behavior to effectively curb illegal construction, industry development environment continue to improve. More importantly, the enterprise to enhance confidence and social dissolve excess capacity, promote structural reform consensus growing supply side. Shinestar Steel Research Institute think that it depends on the central leadership attaches great importance to and departments work together. Of course, according to local conditions classification policy, strengthen the supervision of compaction responsibility is the basis for effective implementation and promote the implementation of the key. These practices to further promote the production capacity to lay a good foundation, but also to resolve excess capacity in other areas to explore a feasible path.

The future, Shinestar group will also actively respond to national call, the capacity to work out, and constantly improve themselves, to produce more high-quality steel, galvanized steel, channel steel, galvanized steel, pipe rack, casing and other mild steel pipe products, to enhance the enterprise comprehensive strength.


 Date:2017-02-14 16:45:00


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