Hot Perspective: Hot Economic Words Attention of 2017 CPPCC and NPC CPPCC

​CPPCC and NPC CPPCC is coming, which aspects of economic areas  will become hot focus? As a spiral welded steel pipe, 3 PE anticorrosive coating pipe, large diameter DSAW steel pipe, hot rolled plate and other products production services vendors, Shinestar group has been paid close attention to the development of China's economy. Today, we collected and compiled the following economic hot words.

“The Belt and Road Initiatives”
In 2013, Xi Jinping chairman proposed to build economic belt "silk road" and "Marine silk road in the 21st century initiative”, like the wings of the land and sea power development in China, drive along the national common prosperity. “The Belt and Road Initiatives”from scratch, from point and surface, progress and results than expected. “The Belt and Road Initiatives” is not an empty slogan, but specific measures, tangible this initiative from China, the results are to benefit the world.

The revitalization of the real economy
Focus on the revitalization of the real economy, in order to improve the quality and the core competitive power as the center, insist on innovation driven development, expand the supply high quality products and services. Set up the quality is the first strong consciousness, improve the quality standards, strengthen the total quality management. Guide the enterprise to form its own comparative advantages, carry forward the "spirit", strengthen the brand construction, enhance the product competitiveness. Implement the development strategy of innovation, to promote the development of strategic emerging industry booming, also should pay attention to use new technology and new business mode transform and upgrade traditional industries.

Innovation driven development
The Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC put forward the development strategy of the implementation of the innovation drive, is to promote scientific and technological innovation as the core of the comprehensive innovation, insist on demand orientation and industrialization direction, adhere to the enterprise in the innovation main body status, plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources and the socialist system, to enhance scientific and technological progress contribution to economic growth, to form a new growth source, promote economic sustainable and healthy development.

Supply side structural reforms
Promote structural reform, the supply side is adapt to and lead the economic development of the new normal major innovation. On the supply side to promote reform, not only to solve the problem of good production inputs, improve the total factor productivity, more to solve the relationship between the government and market, the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better give play to the role of the government. "Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning" in 2017, is an important year, the year of the deepening of structural reform is also supply side.

Made in China, 2025
From "Made in China 2025" implement, through the joint efforts, the top-level design, complete basic innovation system constantly improve, the increased industrial base, intelligent manufacture to speed up the development of high-end equipment constantly breakthroughs, manufacturing powerhouse construction make substantive progress, steady growth, transformation and upgrading, and effectively promote the manufacturing efficiency. "Made in China 2025" has become an important gripper structure optimization, innovation and development. Shinestar group will also accelerate the pace of intelligent manufacturing, to produce more technical content of spiral welded steel pipe, 3 PE anticorrosive coating pipe, large diameter DSAW steel pipe, hot rolled plate and other products , for the development of China's economy further.

 Date:2017-03-04 10:48:21


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