​Since modern times, manufacturing industry as the main force of the real economy has always been th

​"Made in China 2025" and "Internet +" is inseparable, to develop Made-in-China to the direction of intelligent, which must rely on the Internet +, cloud computing and large data. Shinestar Holdings Group always emphasize the importance of "Internet +" development, has achieved initial results those years, seamless steel pipe, tubing and casing, carbon steel pipe, OCTG, welded steel pipe, LASW steel pipe, coating pipe, stainless steel pipe and other products sales in big count. We believe that large data and Internet technology will drive manufacturing services is the future trend.

Internet + large data to the retail, financial, logistics and other areas of penetration has become a reality, also to the industrial field. Taking GEP redix as the representative of the industrial Internet + by promoting people, equipment and data seamless collaboration, with things networking, large data and other technical means to achieve the production and logistics of precision control, from all aspects of asset optimization and operational optimization, re-shaping The entire manufacturing industry chain, to achieve digital (software) world and physical (machine) world to integration.

Industrial Internet + through the Internet and large data to deepen the concept of lean manufacturing, improve industrial efficiency. Lean manufacturing and industrial Internet + have their connections and differences. The common is that they are pursuing higher industry efficiency, the difference is lean manufacturing much focuse on the use of process specifications and other lean management tools to improve, while the industrial Internet + more focused on the use of large data, Internet, artificial intelligence and other new technical of the machine's physical world of the machine itself to improve.

Industrial Internet + focused on improving asset performance from the equipment level, with the advantages of accuracy, predictability and systematization. Lean production from the principle of lean production standards for each part of the standardization, to maximize the potential to improve each link, but much focused on the optimization of the production process management, the beginning is the process, and the beginning of industrial Internet + is the machine equipment.

From the impact mechanism, the opening structure of industrial Internet +makes  technology and information difficult to monopolize, and then flatten the entire industrial chain "smile curve." Industrial Internet + optimize and reengineering from the production process, logistics and other aspects of the manufacturing value chain. In the production process, the use of real-time data running on machines and products, manufacturers can use a seamless connection, the product's entire life cycle to track and control. The optimization of the production process reduces the cost, increases the production efficiency and increases the added value of the manufacturing.

"Internet +" the long-standing technological revolution begins and we have to see new challenges and problems in the development. Shinestar Holdings Group will continue to advance in practice, and strive to produce more technical content of the eamless steel pipe, tubing and casing, carbon steel pipe, OCTG, welded steel pipe, LASW steel pipe, coating pipe, stainless steel pipe and other products to promote China's manufacturing to China's intellectual.

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