Steel Pipeline Transportation, a Popular Way of Transporting Gas

​What you may not know is that there are more than 70% of gas is transported through pipe line especially black steel pipe. There are hundreds of thousands of kilometers of pipelines crossing the country and the oceans. Most of them are placed underground or undersea, therefore people may not notice them. These pipelines of the black steel pipe are the most important tools to transport gas. They supply energy for our life every time without a break. They contribute great importance to a nation's economy. Many people may thought that this is a way occur in the recent decades; actually they have a pretty long history. The very first kind of pipeline that comes into use in China is bamboo pipe from 400BC; our Chinese people use them to transport waters and gases.

There are mainly several types of materials approved for gas transportation: structural steel pipe, copper pipes, yellow brass pipe, ductile iron, aluminum pipe, PVC pipes and PE pipes. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. But in general, the most popular type is black steel pipe. To make the transport more high flow and long service time, people became to use black steel pipe. Black steel pipe is hollow circular steel, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, food, light industry, machinery and other industrial transportation. There are many advantages of black steel pipe application of gas. First of all, black steel pipe has good mechanical property, it can stretch; expand flexibly with high pressure resistance and intensity. Secondly, its ability to resist rust and corrosion is excellent. This material can prevent rust, resist oxidation, and it is acid proof, alkali-resisting and anti-corrosion which are its significant advantages. Third, it is heat tolerant and cold resistant. Its operating temperature can be as high as 400 ℃ with small resistance. They are safe and reliable, sanitary and environmentally friendly, a kind of economic applicable equipment.

Without these black steel pipes, the huge amount of gas would not be able to be transported to meet the demand of mass need to provide energy. They are also very safe forms of transporting energy. You may not know that they are fortyfold safer than railway transportation, and a hundred times safer than highway transportation. As global gas demand rise continually, the need to build more steel pipe transportation infrastructure is keep increasing. There are nearly 32,000 km new pipelines being built each year all over the world. And in about 50 years' time, the construction has increased 100 times and it is estimated that the expansion would be a 7% growth each year in the next 10 years.

Black steel pipes used for gas transportation are now a vital infrastructure in many countries. The future of them is promising and challenging as well. They are clean, economic and safe and will continue to serve as a main way of providing energy. What they are facing is a safer standard and lower charge. One thing to be sure is that black steel pipes will remain one of the most popular modes of gas transportation. The mild steel pipe and API steel pipe are also available.

 Date:2017-03-09 11:21:28


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