The Application and Analysis of Welded Steel Pipe in Different Industries

​Welded steel pipe market requirement is based on the basic industries, such as the oil industry, the chemical industry and the power generation industry. The consumption of these basic industries occupies two thirds of the total consumption. Also industries of car, shipbuilding, building and environmental protection have a large consumption of welded steel pipe. Industrial welded steel pipe has a high demand and its production process is not mature. In addition, there is a lot of mild steel pipe application nowadays.

Homemade welded steel pipe basically covers the specifications of different countries. It has hundreds of standards and varieties. But as a whole, homemade welded steel pipe has a certain gap with market demand in terms of varieties, standards, quantities and qualities.

On the production side, in the past decade, with the rapid expansion in the field of application, manufacturers of welded steel pipe has increased a lot. Comprehensive production and processing capacity also has a large development.

Petrochemical industry has a complicated medium in its operating environment, such as there exists solid, gas and liquid which is causticity, wearability, inflammable, explosive and toxic and different kinds of chloride, sulfide and salts. So in petrochemical industry, it demands the welded steel pipe has a strong corrosion resistance.

In recent years, the situation of fresh water resources in China is not optimistic. In more than 600 cities in the country, there are more than 400 cities which are short of water. But in China, we have nearly 20000 km of coastline and rich water resources. In response to the situation of fresh water supply, we need more seawater desalination equipments. In this case, we need more welded steel pipe.

In other industries, such as car industry, electronic instrument industry, water supply industry and many other industries, we also need a huge demand of LSAW steel pipe. And there are many industrial sectors which we can't calculate how much of this material we will need. So what we can be sure is that this is a huge potential market.

 Date:2017-03-09 17:29:04


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