Roles Played by Each Fitting of the API Steel Pipe

​When hearing of API steel pipe, nearly all of us will feel unfamiliar about it and the reason is simple, that is most of us do not live close to oil well, so, it is usual that we have less knowledge about the API steel pipe. It doesn't matter, but I think it also necessary for us to master some basic knowledge of the API steel pipe, such as its classifications, main applications and the like. Let me introduce some general knowledge of the API steel pipe blow.

The API steel pipe is widely used in the mining and transporting projects of petroleum or petroleum gas. Usually, the API steel pipe consists of 3 parts, there are boring tubes, annular tubes and draw tubes, and each of the parts plays an important role in the operation of the API steel pipe. With the boring tube, turning force of machines is transmitted to the drill, and then the reconnaissance survey begins. The responsibility of the annular tube is similar to the par close, it make sure that the drilling process of petroleum can proceed steadily until the end, annular tube plays a core role in the process of petroleum mining. With the draw tube, petroleum or petroleum gas can be transported onto ground from underground.

Mining petroleum or petroleum gas is a very complicated process, and it requires the API steel pipes with high quality inevitably, just because of this, manufacturers have to take a mass of factors of the area into consideration, such as temperature, humidity, gravitations of all directions and so on, they have to manufacture the API steel pipes with high quality carefully, only in this way can the API steel pipes work persistently. Fracture or even scrapping may happen on the oil well if the API steel pipes have low quality, and it may lead to serious consequences. According to the different geological conditions, the API steel pipes can be classified into corrosion resisting ones, anti-collapse ones, sound proof ones and heat resisting ones and the like. You can purchase the API steel pipes in accordance with your own requests.

The mild steel pipe and structural steel pipe are also available. 
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