How to Enhance the made in China

​As early as two years ago, prime minister Li keqiang is put forward for the first time in his government work report to develop "Internet +" plan of action, after two years of development, in terms of the iron and steel industry, the whole industry chain the overall efficiency of the ascension and the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry is accelerated by "Internet +".

Shinestar holdings group both in terms of money or talent reserves, attaches great importance to the development of "Internet +", also has achieved initial success, structural steel pipe, spiral pipe, straight seam steel pipe, galvanized pipe, opened plate and other products sales are growing by leaps and bounds, last year won the "billions of electronic retailing award" is proof of that.

For work in 2017, prime minister Li keqiang stressed in the government work report, leading the transformation and upgrading of the real economy to innovation, to transform and upgrade traditional industries; To speed up cultivating growing emerging industries, and promote development "Internet +", to promote digital to speed up the economic growth, benefit enterprise wide, common public benefit.

Shinestar holdings group think that the development of steel e-commerce  has brought three aspects of the enlightenment.

First of all, for steel e-commerce , on the one hand, will play a promote information symmetry and convenient logistics and cash flow and efficient to transform and upgrade traditional industry important role, on the other hand is to put an end to appear on electric business platform trade links, transaction process and long lever not conducive to the development of the real economy phenomenon, such as in the maintenance of electric steel traders the healthy development of the new things at the same time, ensure the better service steel industry the entity economy.

Second, steel e-commerce  development to reduce the cost of the industrial chain operation as the basis, which is at the core competitiveness of the electric business platform. At present, the raw materials, logistics, high transaction costs and financial costs has become a problem urgently to be solved in the steel industry, steel industry chain overall running costs and a big downside. Whether in the steel industry chain upstream and downstream the overall synergy efficiency, are based on the depth of the logistics, finance, or a trade link potentialities and authors, steel e-commerce  have larger development space.

Finally, after recent years of development, steel e-commerce l contractor in the overall trading volume has been showing a steady increase, but growth slowed markedly, the characteristics of the future development of center of gravity should be from the "quantity" to "quality". Specifically, the government work report to transform and upgrade traditional industries, also to speed up cultivating new industry growing, it puts forward higher requirements on steel electric business platform. For the steel electricity "quality" of ascension, the most important is to realize the industry with users in the direction of the depth of fusion and win-win development, form a real breakthrough of the whole industry chain information flow, logistics and cash flow.

In the future, iron and steel e-commerce  development or further differentiation, from "quantity" change to the "quality" coming of age. Shinestar holdings group in terms of building Internet platform for iron and steel industry will be further exploration and efforts to improve frame tube, spiral pipe, LSAW steel pipe, galvanized pipe, open flat products such as sales, create their own future.

 Date:2017-03-18 09:39:53


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