Difference of Q345A, Q345B, Q345C Q345D, Q345E

Q is representative of the material yield, 345 refers to the material yield value, minimum to achieve 345 mpa. Q345A, Q345B, Q345C Q345D, Q345E structural steel pipe. And this is the distinction between grade, represents the main impact of temperature is different,

Q345A, don't do impact;

Grade Q345B, impact is 20 degrees at room temperature;

Grade Q345C, impact is 0 degrees;

Q345D grade, is to rush - 20 degrees;

Q345E level, it is - hit 40 degrees.

In the impact of different temperature, impact value is also different. In the sheet, is a low alloy series. In low alloy material, this material is the most common.

From the point of view of ingredients, the more resistance to low temperature,, P, S control demands were relatively high.

 Date:2017-03-25 10:12:31


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