Piling Structural Steel Pipe

Steel pipe is used for a variety of types of piling pipe.  Piling pipe is used in construction to transfer the structural load deep into the foundation soil or rock deep below the surface.  The steel pipe piles are driven below the earth using a pile driver.  The size, strength and number of steel pipe piles needed will vary according to soil type for each job.

We offers a complete line of steel piling pipe and related services: Pile points attached- End Plates attached - Fabricated to length pipe piles - Double jointing - Pipe coatings - Cutting & beveling.
Piling pipe specifications available include ASTM A252 Grades 2 & 3, A500 Gr B/C, used steel pipe, reconditioned and high strength structural steel pipe for use in the following applications: Anchor Pile - Bearing Pile - Bridge Pile - Building Pile - Foundation Pile - Marine and Dock Pile - Micro Pile - Caissons - Screw Pile - Temporary Structures - Trestle/False Work.
Bearing Pile

This is a type of steel pipe pile that is load bearing. Several piling pipe are driven deep into the earth and allow the load to be distributed evenly to the pipe piles. 

Bridge Pile

Piling pip is used to create a stable support for bridges. The steel pipe is driven into the ground either by vibration or hammer driven machines. The depth and number of steel pipe piles used is pre-engineered according to the structure, the soil conditions, the water conditions and the bedrock. Often the installed steel pipe pile is then filled with concrete to complete the process.  

Building and Foundation Pile

This type of piling pipe is used to provide a stable foundation for buildings, bridges and other structures. It is driven or vibrated into the ground to bed rock and often it is then filled with concrete. Once in place the structure can be built on top of the pipe piles to prevent its movement. 

Marine and Dock Pile

This is the steel pipe that you see supporting docks. This steel pipe piling is driven deep into the water to provide a stable foundation for marinas and docks in rivers, lakes, and near oceans.

Micro Pile/Screw Pile/Anchor Pile

These foundation pipe piles are used to stablilize existing structions that have shifted or cracked or that have been damaged by sinking, flooding or earthquakes. Anchor Piles work and look similar to a cork screw and are screwed into the soil in the area of the structure to be repaired and then jack-up bracing can be installed to complete the project and provide the maximum support. These types of mild steel pipe can also be used to stabilize soil on steep hillsides to prevent erosion, slides and cave-ins.

Trestle/False Work/Temporay Structures
Temporary trestles, also know to may as falsework or temporary structures are predominantly used in the construction and repair of bridges. The structures, many times constructed of steel pipe, are temporarily erected next to the bridge being repaired or constructed and are used to reinforce the structure as it is being repaired or constructed. It is also common for the construction equipment to be housed on these structures. 
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