Difference Between Carbon Steel Pipe and Mild Steel Pipe

Technically, carbon steel pipe and mild steel pipe aren't different types of metal at all. Mild steel is carbon steel. (Technically, all steel is "carbon steel," since carbon is the difference between iron and steel.)

Carbon steel is alloyed with up to 2% carbon. What we refer to as "mild steel" has only 0.1% - 0.3% carbon. So, when we say "carbon steel," we're most likely referring to alloys with 0.3% - 2% carbon.

"Mild steel" is more of  a slang term than anything else. Technically, it's more appropriate to reference "low carbon steel" vs. "high carbon steel." However, if you ask about mild steel pipe, your manufacturer should understand what you mean.
 Date:2017-04-17 10:44:13


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