The Application of Seamless Steel Pipe in Various Industries

As the carbon steel pipe bending ability, so in recent years, factories, stadiums and other buildings of the roof frame, beams, columns, adopted steel housing, with the development of steel production in the construction is also more and more use ofsteel structure, daily utensils, furniture, water supply and drainage, gas, heating and ventilation, means of transport and agricultural equipment manufacturing, underground resources such as coal, oil and gas development, defense and space used guns, artillery, rockets, missiles, etc.are inseparable from steel, so the pipe on the development of national economy and people's standard of living are closely related.

Technical standards of seamless steel pipe for the full performance characteristics, correct, reasonable economic use of seamless service.In the technical standards set forth in the diameter, wall thickness and tolerances, pipe length, bending, end elliptical degree, the weight of the delivery, marking and other general provisions of the scope, lists must meet the technical requirements and mechanical properties, process performance, test items and test methods, inspection rules.For some special-purpose seamless steel tubes with special attention to some of the provisions specified in the standard requirements.So in the process of seamless steel tubes used both to understand the user's requirements, but also to meet the technical standards of mild steel pipe requirements.
 Date:2017-04-20 11:29:49


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