The technical advantages of LSAW

LSAW steel pipe was invented in 1940, a new welding method, welding hand in front of it and the same place it is to protect the use of slag, but this residue is not a skin electrode medicine . Straight seam double submerged arc welding and manual welding the same place it is to protect the use of slag, but this residue is not a skin electrode medicine, is dedicated melting out of the welding flux. The welding system consists of a funnel drug loading of the welding flux through a pipeline to be welded to the front.

The second difference is the use of welding, using wire, because the wire can be continuously sent; electrode, we gotta burn a welding electrode head and gave a throw, and the operation was stopped, for welding and then welded.
In this way, the first advantage is fully automated; second advantage, which is carried out under submerged arc welding, the heat exchange and protection of its relatively strong performance, high quality welding out; third advantage, As in submerged arc welding arc welding drugs buried in the bottom, so it can be used high current, high welding efficiency, recently our country going West-East Pipeline project.

Wire into the future, with a delivery device and wire spools, wire continuously sent, this method is a continuous feed of welding wire, the flux can be melted under the coverage of granular arc ignition, the wire, base metal and the flux part of the melting and evaporation to form a cavity, the cavity inside the arc is stable combustion, so call it submerged arc welding. Arc is buried in the cavity inside.

Pipe is a high-strength steel, this pipe into the plant inside a prefabricated first, then get on site, in field welding, pipe production plant of this process is the use of submerged arc welding, submerged arc welding has now become, a double-wire submerged arc welding, as well as multi-wire submerged arc welding, to further improve efficiency.

 Date:2017-04-24 16:58:45


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