Perspective: Steel Technology Development in Ten Directions

To enhance the competitiveness of China's steel industry, we should grasp the direction of iron and steel technology development. As a seamless steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe, spiral steel pipe, galvanized pipe, structural steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and other products production service manufacturers, Shinestar Group believes that the next 5 to 10 years, China's steel technology development has the following 10 key directions:
The first is green, can be recycled steel manufacturing process technology. To high-quality, efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, low cost as the goal, through the steel process structure optimization and material flow, energy flow, information flow network integration construction, the key technology in-depth development.
The second, low-carbon steel manufacturing technology. Including efficient energy-saving emission reduction and cleaner production technology, scrap recycling process of fine research, alternative energy non-carbon metallurgical technology.
The third, efficient resource development and comprehensive utilization of technology. To improve the comprehensive utilization and resource recycling, the development of the associated components and tailings resources of the comprehensive utilization of technology.
The fourth is efficient, energy saving, longevity comprehensive smelting technology. Including blast furnace high pressure, high temperature and other technology, blast furnace expert system application technology, the development of practical high-grade refractory technology.
The Fifth is efficient, low-cost clean steel production system technology. The focus is to further study the multi-process "dynamic - ordered" "continuous - compact" "collaborative - stable" operation as the core of the clean steel platform system technology to achieve the whole system more efficient, low - cost operation.
The sixth is the high performance, low cost steel material design and manufacturing technology. Mainly include: low-cost, high-performance micro-alloying technology, high-grade special steel profiles, high-quality alloy steel production technology and application, molding, corrosion and other processing technology.
The seventh is high precision, efficient rolling and heat treatment technology. Mainly include the following common technology: high-precision rolling technology, a new generation of controlled rolling and cooling technology, headless and semi-endless rolling technology and long green manufacturing technology.
The eighth is the composite material manufacturing technology. Based on the iron and steel materials of composite materials manufacturing The main application of machinery, explosion, explosion / rolling and other traditional composite method, low production efficiency, variety, poor quality. Need to further research and development of high efficiency, high interface strength, special purpose composite materials, and get engineering applications.
The ninth is for the whole process of quality control of the integrated production technology. To carry out a new generation of steel production process control technology research to solve the control system in the production batch between the varieties of the adaptability between the specifications, a substantial increase in product quality under the control of the quality and stability.
The tenth is the information, intelligent steel manufacturing technology. Mainly include: large-scale equipment, intelligent embedded software development and application, key testing, testing equipment and data acquisition and analysis system.
As a member of the iron and steel industry, Shinestar Group will grasp the key development direction, strive to produce more technical content of seamless steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe, spiral steel pipe, galvanized pipe, scaffolding, stainless steel pipe and other products, improve enterprise's core competitiveness.
 Date:2017-04-25 17:28:58


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