The Application Range of LSAW

​LSAW steel pipe diameter in the range between 406 ~ 1600mm, in exceptional cases even more, the ratio of wall thickness and diameter of about 0.06 to 0.08. Modern foreign technology can produce pipe up to 100mm wall thickness of pipe.

Industrial production of steel plate or LSAW steel pipe only a few ways, the principle difference is the method of forming steel pipe, steel pipe after forming the follow-up process is basically the same. Methodological principles of forming the weld depends on the distribution of steel, according to the distribution of the pipes to weld two basic forms: straight seam and spiral seam steel pipe. Corresponding to this, straight seam welded pipe production into the production and the production of spiral seam pipe. Straight seam and spiral seam steel pipe the most widely used method is submerged arc welding (SAW), its good quality, high productivity, technology is mature and stable. Currently, straight seam steel pipe widely used abroad following range: air land and sea transport, water and oil trunk pipelines; transport chemicals and chemical products of stainless steel tube; marine industrial structure with a tube; boiler manufacturing and special purpose pipe structural tube. 
 Date:2017-04-27 09:30:07


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