Pre-welding Technology of LSAW Steel Pipe

​1 Pre-welding technology status

Pre-LSAW steel pipe welding is the welding work part of it along the length of seam forming a "light welding," is the production of LSAW steel pipe one of the special procedures. In the early years of the LSAW is not pre-welded steel pipe production until the second generation uoe welded pipe began to emerge in the pre-welding, but this time the pre-welded to intermittent welding, spacing of about 300mm, to uoe welding control the development of third-generation unit (1968 to 1979 Q), pre-welding has been a great focus and development, the form has not changed one after another after another form of this phase of the pre-welding technology, welding technology for the pre-modern foundation. Contemporary pre-welding technology uses a succession of high-speed gas welding (mag) in the form of laser tracking and weld, welding speed up to 7 m / min, bead molding straight decency. The mag welding, the front there are two ways: one is the we and Germany and other countries using a single wire high-speed dual-supply-current gas pre-welded, the other is used in Japan's two-wire high-speed gas pre-welded. Front of those who use more gas for the pre-high-speed single-wire welding, two of China's imported from Germany LSAW weld pipe production lines are expected in this way. Quality standards from the pipe can also be reflected in the pre-welding technology, the latest on the ocean, low, flat and acidic conditions, standard pipe and gb/t9711.3 is03183-3 of 6.3, have been clearly does not permit the use of off continued spot, indicating a pre-welded steel quality on the main form of.

2 pre-welding work

Pre-welding, mild steel pipe for the first commissure, followed by another gas welding, seam welding conditions and welding the same time quality monitoring and feedback. Specific work process is: to accept imports of roller tube - adjust the seat tube openings - transportation equipment delivery tube leaves the tube seam - to confirm the seam quality - welding torch landed prepare - activate the laser tracker to track - shielding gas and cooling water valve open - start welding (welding speed tube to feed) _ - stop welding to the terminal extinction - lag off shielding gas - rose back to the gun position - tube pass down procedure. This, a pre-welding cycle is complete.
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