LSAW steel pipe For Transporting Oil and Gas Expander Key Technologies

​In late March, the machine together experts in the Beijing Information Technology University of Beijing and China Petrochemical Group Jianghan Petroleum Administration Shashi Steel Pipe Plant have completed the "oil and gas expanded diameter LSAW pipe key technologies and equipment" for science and technology appraisal.

The project studied the large weight of the friction and wear mechanisms, friction and kinetic model proposed for solving the main design parameters of the device; supporting the development of friction materials and manufacturing processes; developed for long life, low wear and friction of large weight The Expanding special lubricants; design a non-tubular structure and two-wire link lubrication system to optimize the overall structure, complete with independent intellectual property rights of pipe expander head equipment research and development.

LSAW steel pipe expander head family of devices tested by examining key indicators, the development of key performance indicators Expanding oil than similar foreign oil, the processing of large-diameter steel pipe oil pipe line with national quality standards, to the West east gas pipeline project with the second-LSAW pipe technical conditions. 
The project completed a multi-standard, series Expanding head equipment design and manufacturing, and put into mass production of LSAW pipe, social, and significant economic benefits.
 Date:2017-04-28 09:39:48


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