The Application of Spiral Steel Pipe in the Urban Central Heating

​Urban central heating is generated by the concentrated heat of steam, hot water supply pipe network through a city or parts of the heating used in the production and living way, which consists of heat, heat networks, heat users of three parts.

Urban central heating system, the urban economic and social development, infrastructure, and its level of development is a sign of urban modernization. The development of urban central heating area of ??urban construction in China has become a basic policy.

Central heating cogeneration and distributed mainly to the superiority of heating comparison, the focus in the following areas: 
1, there is good value for money. Boilers for central heating with large capacity, high thermal efficiency can reach 90%, and scattered small boiler thermal efficiency of heating is only about 60% or less. Therefore, instead of scattered urban central heating heating together can save 20 to 30% of energy.

2, good environmental benefits. Urban pollution comes mainly from direct coal combustion produces  steel pipe and soot. Central heating boiler capacity, and have better dust removal equipment, using high-efficiency filter, dust removal rate of 90 to 98% or even higher, can effectively reduce urban pollution.

3, good social benefits. Urban central heating for the convenience of people's living, saving precious urban construction sites, to ease the power shortage situation in urban areas of great significance.

 Date:2017-05-02 17:51:22


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