Shinestar Group Activity have a Satisfactory Ending

​"Come on! I'll cover!". "Guides , rush forward!". On early summer, a wonderful reality competition CS is  under way. Both players not to be outdone, the atmosphere is very warm. In the bloomy spring, Shinestar  group organized a concentrated cohesion as the theme of activities to boost team morale, let them to work  more full of enthusiasm into the new job.

In the group activity, temporary distribution of each group member have clear division of  responsibilities and mutual trust. We through all kinds of activities to realize the fast convergence of  team. In the contest, every member is actively involved in and accountable, and close cooperation, every  member see the team goals as the ultimate goal, challenge ourselves constantly. Through a series of  exciting activities experience, let the relationship between every team members be further sublimation.

After each training, everyone will communicate to share in a timely manner. The instructor by watching  and listening, then to serious analysis and summary. Company staff in training deeply understand the  importance of teamwork and mutual trust. Everyone challenge themselves and overcome the difficulties.  Otherwise, Company also organized team activities such as barbecue dinner, let everybody in cooking  parade at the same time also to experience the fun of diy.

Shinestar group has always been to "internal achievements of staff" for the corporate mission. The group  activity’s goal is to further enhance the unity of the staff cohesion, increase the staff of the  company's sense of identity and sense of belonging and guide the staff to better integrate Shinestar  family.

Company employees have said that through the activities of the regiment to get a lot of gains. Everyone  re-understanding the strength of the team spirit, we will combine the experience of this activity with  future work, based on the post and stimulate enthusiasm. In the future, Shinestar group will continue to  create a good environment for the staff, grow up with the staff and towards the goal of "steel overall  service areas of the century benchmark enterprise" continuous progress.

 Date:2017-05-11 09:52:03


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