The Fire Prevention Function of Fertilizer Special Pipe

​For the practical application of fertilizer tube to overcome the lack of fire prevention, fire protection must be handled, its purpose is to improve the fire resistance of steel structures to the design specification limits. Here are several different steel structure fire protection measures. 
First, the outsourcing level. Structure is the appearance of the fertilizer tube to add outsourcing layer, cast molding, spraying method can also be used. In-situ forming solid layer of concrete is usually outsourced to strengthen steel mesh or steel, to limit the shrinkage cracks, and to ensure that the shell strength.

Second, the water-filled (water jacket). Water-filled hollow mild steel pipe structure is the most effective protection against fire measures. This approach can make steel in the fire to keep a lower temperature, the water circulating in the fertilizer tube, heating the heat absorbing material itself. 
Third, the shield. Fertilizer tube set in the refractory composition of the wall or ceiling, or within the components concealed in the gap between two walls, as long as a slight increase in refractory or not to increase the fire that is able to achieve the purpose. 
Fourth, the expansion material. The use of fire-resistant coating to protect steel components, this method has good fire insulation properties, construction from steel geometry restrictions, etc., generally do not need to add fertilizer structural steel pipe support facilities, and the coating quality of light, there is a certain The beautiful decorative effect, belongs to modern technology and advanced fire protection measures.

 Date:2017-05-11 09:53:35


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