Steel Delivery Status and Heat Treatment Requirements

Other countries and ISO stainless steel standards are provided for hot-rolled (forged) steel, in addition to heating pressure processing steel, the general heat treatment delivery (heat treatment requirements need to be specified in the contract). After heat treatment, according to the requirements, to conduct pickling, shot peening or turning peeling and other surface treatment or surface finishing. For cold-rolled or cold-drawn mild steel pipe, or cold working conditions, or cold processing after heat treatment, pickling or shot blasting, or heat treatment after the formation, grinding, polishing, or further to varying degrees of hardening processing and other state delivery.

ISO and EN, DIN standards, the delivery status of steel should be according to the production and processing methods and surface conditions of several different types of combinations, more scientific and reasonable, conducive to the implementation of standards.

With regard to the heat treatment system, in addition to the ASTM standard, national and ISO standards specify the heat treatment system for each grade delivery steel or the heat treatment system for measuring mechanical properties. Only the ASTM standard, in addition to precipitation hardening steel, in the steel standard is generally not for each grade of heat treatment system for specific provisions, only provisions of heat treatment types (such as annealing, co-solution or aging), all kinds of steel heat treatment requirements Varieties of the general technical requirements of the standard described in the standard.
 Date:2017-05-15 17:56:01


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