API 5L PSL2 LSAW Steel Pipe

LSAW steel pipe are manufactured of metal in-house produced and smelted in the electric furnace, treated with synthetic slags and cast by continuous casters. The applied steel making process ensures the achievement of chemically pure steel with reference to sulphur and phosphor contents providing high tensile, ductility and corrosion resistance properties of pipes to be operated at low temperatures in various corrosion media.

Rolling using a press piercing mill and continuous mill equipped with a fixed mandrel allows strict measurement tolerances to be obtained and ensures a lack of pipe body and surface defects.

In order to achieve high tensile and ductility steel as well as its required structure, providing a high corrosion resistance in various corrosion media, pipes are heat treated in a computerized walking beam furnace. 70% of oil line pipes are subject to heat treatment.

Pipes are inspected for internal and external flows by automatic non-distructive testing of ultrasonic and electromagnetic inspection. Pipe ends inspection after beveling is done by magnetic-fluoroscopic flaw detection.

While manufacturing seamless line pipes ensures testing of corrosion-resistance properties through hydrogen included cracking method under NACE MR 02-84 and sulphide stress corrosion cracking method under NACE MR 01-77.
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