The Main Difference Between Cold Drawn and Finish Rolling Seamless Steel Pipe

​Process equipment distinction: cold drawn seamless steel pipe is usually 0.5 ~ 100T single-chain or double-chain cold drawn machine. Finished seamless steel tubes are usually carried out on a two-roll mill where the steel pipe is rolled in a ring-shaped bore formed by a variable cross-section round hole and a stationary tapered head.

Production of the product difference: cold drawn seamless steel pipe can produce thin wall thickness of the cold drawn steel pipe, cold drawn shaped steel pipe, such as plum tube, hexagonal tube, bread tube, etc .; finishing seamless steel pipe relative to the wall thickness range Large, can now finish rolling 0.8-40mm.

Wall thickness deviation difference: cold-drawn seamless steel pipe without cold-rolled seamless steel pipe wall thickness deviation is small, so cold-rolled precision seamless steel pipe for the requirements of wall thickness, diameter size deviation of the strict customers, choose cold rolling better.
 Date:2017-05-23 09:10:02


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