Hot expanding steel pipe

Hot expanding is a processing method of the steel pipe,which is a small-diameter steel pipe processing to large diameter steel pipe. Hot expanding steel pipe is slightly less than hot-rolled steel mechanical properties.

Restricted to limited specifications of seamless steel pipe, according to the needs of the end consumer so hot expanded steel pipe produced, thermal expansion pipe thermal expansion of what we often say, the density is relatively low but the contraction of the strong steel pipe (seamless steel pipe ) can be referred to as thermal expansion. Cross rolling method or the pull method to expand the pipe diameter.

Hot expanding pipe with two-step push tube expanding machine set conical die expanding technology, digital intermediate frequency induction heating technology, hydraulic technology in a machine with a reasonable process, low energy consumption, lower capital investment, good product quality, a wide range of applicability of the raw material and product specifications, flexible variable cost of production volume, adaptability, replacing the traditional steel industry, pulling aside expanding technology. Difficult to resolve in the near future, the supply of large diameter steel pipe, hot expanded steel pipe to become an important source of the products to solve the shortage of large-diameter steel pipe. Ease the tight supply situation of the large diameter pipe market.

 Date:2012-03-21 16:38:45


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