HFW steel pipe

High frequency welded pipe( HFW steel pipe) is based on solid resistance heat energy. Resistor thermal welding, using high-frequency current is generated in the workpiece so that the surface of the workpiece weld zone is heated to the melting or close to the plastic state, then applied (or not applied) upsetting force is achieved for such a steel pipe of the metal combination. HFW steel pipe production rate, welding speed of up to 30m/min. It is mainly used for the manufacture of pipes welded longitudinal seam or spiral seam. The welded pipe used high-frequency welding process of welding is mainly used for water, oil, natural gas, such as pressurized fluid delivery.

HFW steel pipe production process depends mainly on product variety, the need to go through a series of processes from raw material to finished product, complete these processes require various machinery and equipment and welding, electrical control, detection devices, equipment and apparatus in accordance with different process The process requires a variety of reasonable layout, high frequency welded pipe typical process: uncoiler - strip leveler - head and tail the shear - strip butt - Looper hopper - molding - welding - Clear glitch - Sizing - Testing - fly cut - the first test - pipe straightening - pipe sections processing - hydrostatic testing - flaw detection - printing and coating - finished.

The high-frequency welding for carbon steel welded pipe production has been 40 years of history. Having a large power supply power, high-frequency welding of different material, diameter and wall thickness of a steel pipe can reach a higher welding speed (highest ratio TIG welding speed is more than l0 times higher). Therefore, the production of general-purpose high-frequency welding pipe has higher productivity because of the high-speed high-frequency welding difficult, given to the the burr removal of welded pipe within, which is the current high-frequency welded steel pipe is not yet for the chemical industry, nuclear industry accepted one of the reasons. From the welding material, high-frequency welding can weld all types of steel pipes.

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