Title:Pier Piling

Project subject:Piling Engineering
Project introduction
:Pipe piles in Singapore are mainly used in deep foundations and transfer the loads from building to stronger soil layers found deep underground.Pipe piles range in size from several inches to several feet in diameter.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: ASTM A252/API 5L GR.B 46" 48" 62" STD
Quantity: 1235MT
Country: Singapore


Project subject:low voltage liquid transportation in China-Africa
Project introduction
: The project mainly services in low voltage liquid transportation in city and city,which is a large engineering project in country.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L PSL2 X65,X70 24" 
Quantity: 12500MT
Year: 2011
Country: China-Africa
Title:Oil field

Project subject:oil field in Venezuela
Project introduction
: Building the pipeline from Venezuela's oil fields across Colombia to the Pacific,pipeline would carry Venezuela's heavy crude from the Orinoco River basin as well as Colombian oil.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L X42,X46,X70 8"-24" 6.35mm-19.1mm
Quantity: 12500MT
Year: 2006
Country: Venezuela


Project subject: Oil & Gas Corporation Project in Vietnam
Project introduction
: Vietnam Oil & Gas Corporation - PETRO VIETNAM constructed the Product Export Port under the Dung Quat Refinery Project at Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. The marine loading jetty consists of three jetty heads each with two berths.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5CT J55 508.00 11.13.16(mm)
Quantity: 1530MT
Year: 2007
Country: Vietnam

Title:Oil Transport

Project subject:oil transportation engineering in Brazil
Project introduction
: The project is mainly focus on the oil transportation.the oil pipeline go through hill to one city of Brazil in order to smelter for a variety of purposes.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L X60 10" 18"
Quantity: 8000MT
Year: 2012
Country: Brazil
Title:Natural Gas

Project subject;natural gas engineering in Romania
Project introduction
: The roles of the project is for a natural gas engineering between Romania and Bulgaria, the pipe need to pass through Plains, hills,that is to say, the construction and operating is quite difficult.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L PSL2 X65 24"
Quantity: 5000MT
Year: 2012
Country: Romania


Project subject:SWCC water pipe in Saudi Arabia
Project introduction
:Saudi yenbo - medina is Saudi Arabia countries will the sea water desalination water conveyance project after the major project of water diversion to the holy city of medina, quicken the construction of water pipe, the benefit of muslims.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L PSL1 X52 6" 8" 12" SCH40 SCH80
Quantity: 2000MT
Country:Saudi Arabia
Title:Energy Exploitation

Project subject: energy exploitation in Indonesia
Project introduction
:Indonesia's proven coal reserves are mainly distributed in Sumatra and kalimantan island, especially concentrated in the central and southern Sumatra, Indonesia's coal mining for open-pit mine, mining conditions is better.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L X60 20" SCH80
Quantity: 1000MT
Title:Gas exploration

Project subject: Oil and gas exploration in Columbia
Project introduction
:Colombia's main oil and gas resources exploration area are mainly concentrated in the Caribbean sea. Only found a gas field in the Caribbean, that is, in 1979 by Texaco QiuQiu mpa (Chuchupa) found in the northeastern Colombian gas field with gas recoverable reserves of 99.05 billion cubic meters. China non-ferrous nets.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L X42 6" SCH40
Quantity: 800MT
Title:Oil Process

Project subject: oil development and refinery in Kazakhstan
Project introduction
:In order to meet the demand of domestic oil products, ensure national energy security, kazakhstan's state oil and gas company, Mr Kent, pavlodar, mu three oil refineries began a massive renovation and modernisation.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L ASTM A 53 8" 12" SCH40/SCH80
Quantity: 600MT
Title:Coastal Chemical

Project subject:Coastal Chemical in U.K
Project introduction
: Coastal Chemical delivers a broad suite of chemicals, services, technical support and logistics for companies seeking cost savings through the efficient use ofcc quality products and technical insight.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L Gr.B/X60, OD:1"-8", WT:SCH40
Quantity: 748MT

Title:Thermal power plants

Project subject:Thermal power plants in TANZANiA
Project introduction
: Almost all coal, nuclear, geothermal, solar thermal electric, and waste incineration plants, as well as many natural gas power plants are thermal. Natural gas is frequently combusted in gas turbines as well as boilers.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: A252, GR.2, size:609,812*7.5
Quantity: 780MT

Title:Marine engineering

Project subject:Marine engineering in Iraq
Project introduction: Marine engineering broadly refers to the engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs and any other marine vessel or structure. Specifically, marine engineering is the discipline of applying engineering sciences, mostly mechanical and electrical engineering.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L,GR.B, size:58" 60"
Quantity: 800MT

Title:Industrial exhaust ducts

Project subject:Industrial exhaust ducts in Romania
Project introduction
: Industrial exhaust ducts are pipe systems that connect hoods to industrial chimneys through other components of exhaust systems like fan, collectors etc. Ducts are low-pressure pneumatic conveyors to convey dust, particles, shavings, fumes or chemical hazardous components.
Product name: SSAW
Specification: API 5L X65,X70, OD:20"&24", WT:20"&24"
Quantity: 1530MT



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