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  • Causes and measures of pipe weld porosity

    Causes and measures of pipe weld porosity

    Weld pipe weld porosity affects not only the pipeline denseness, resulting pipeline leakage and corrosion will be induced point seriously reduce the weld strength and toughness. Factors weld porosity are: the flux in the water, dirt, oxide and iron filings, welding ingredients and cover thickness...
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  • Notes on China’s current “2019nCov”

    Notes on China’s current “2019nCov”

    To our customers: At present, the Chinese government is taking the most powerful measures,and everything is under control. Life is normal in most other parts of China by far, with only a few cities like Wuhan affected. I believe it will all return to normal soon.  Thanks!
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  • Common Welding Defects

    Common Welding Defects

    In the production process of steel welding, there will be the emergence of steel defects if the welding method is not correct.  The most common defects are hot cracking, cold cracking, lamellar tearing, lack of fusion and incomplete penetration, stomata and slag. Hot cracking. It is produced duri...
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  • Antirust varnish

    Antirust varnish

    Antirust varnish is a rust-proof to protect the metal surfaces from the atmosphere, water and other chemical or electrochemical corrosion coatings. Mainly divided into physical and chemical rust two categories. The former rely on a suitable pigments and paints with the formation of a dense film t...
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  • Chinese Steel promising

    Chinese Steel promising

    First of all, supply and demand will keep in balance in the next year, but the species differentiation, exports declined. In fact, cold, hot plate growth rate of more than 5%, but building materials, seamless tube have negative growth, the differentiation of the species has been very clear. Curre...
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  • Buried natural gas pipeline anti-corrosion technology progress

    Buried natural gas pipeline anti-corrosion technology progress

    Natural gas is a clean, efficient, convenient and high-quality energy and chemical raw materials. Its exploitation and utilization have significant economic, social and environmental benefits. With the further development of China’s natural gas, the natural gas industry will be faced with n...
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  • How to judge the quality of the pipe insulation

    How to judge the quality of the pipe insulation

    Pipe insulation applications in today’s society is very widespread in many areas have played an important role, in which the steel quality will often produce varying degrees of impact the project will have to select good quality steel will undoubtedly be carried out project to produce good ...
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  • Difference Between ASTM and ASME Standard

    Difference Between ASTM and ASME Standard

    ​ASTM material standards are developed by the American Society for Materials and Testing, ASTM material standards can include the chemical, mechanical, physical and electrical properties of the material. These standards include both a description of test methods to be performed on building materi...
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  • Cold rolling continuous

    Cold rolling continuous

    Cold rolling continuous After annealing of cold-rolled steel coil finishing must be carried out, including the cutting head, tail, cutting, flattening, smooth, rewinding or vertical clipboard and so on. Cold-rolled products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, electronics, instrumentation...
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  • Groove connection

    Groove connection

    Groove connection is a new method of steel pipe connections, also called clamp connections, which has many advantages. Automatic sprinkler system design specifications proposed pipeline connection system should be used grooved or threaded fittings, flanges; system pipe diameter equal to or greate...
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  • Cold sinklənmiş (sinkləmə)

    Cold sinklənmiş (sinkləmə)

    Cold galvanized(galvanizing) also called electro-galvanized cold galvanizing, which is the use of the pipe member through electrolysis degreasing, pickling, and put into a solution composed of zinc and a cathode connected to the electrolytic apparatus, placed opposite the tube member zinc plate, ...
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  • Flexible composite high-pressure delivery pipe

    Flexible composite high-pressure delivery pipe

    Flexible composite high-pressure delivery pipe is a composite material made ​​of a polymer with a certain high strength, high pressure, corrosion, fouling resistance, friction coefficient, good insulation, good flexibility and long life of a petroleum gas industrial pipe. Flexible composite high-...
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