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  • Corrosion in drilling pipe

    Corrosion in drilling pipe

    What is the main difference between corrosion fatigue fracture and stress corrosion fracture of drill pipe? I. Crack initiation and expansion: Stress corrosion cracks and corrosion fatigue cracks are all sent to the surface of the material. Under strong corrosive media and large stress conditions...
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  • Seamless steel pipe schedule

    Seamless steel pipe schedule

    The steel pipe wall thickness series comes from the British metrology unit, and the score is used to express the size. The wall thickness of the seamless pipe is made up of the Schedule series (40, 60, 80, 120) and is connected to the weight series (STD, XS, XXS). These values are converted to mi...
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  • Raw material and production process of steel

    Raw material and production process of steel

    In daily life, people always refer to steel and iron together as “steel”. It can be seen that steel and iron should be a kind of substance; in fact, from a scientific point of view, steel and iron have a little Different, their main components are all iron, but the amount of carbon co...
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  • Precautions when washing seamless tubes

    Precautions when washing seamless tubes

    When processing seamless tubes in seamless steel tube factories, pickling is used. Pickling is an indispensable part of most steel pipes, but after pickling seamless steel tubes, water washing is also required. Precautions when washing seamless tubes: 1. When the seamless tube is washed, it needs...
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  • Surface treatment of spiral welded pipe

    Surface treatment of spiral welded pipe

    Spiral welded pipe (SSAW) rust removal and anticorrosion process introduction: Rust removal is an important part of the pipeline anticorrosion process. At present, there are many rust removal methods, such as manual rust removal, sand blasting and pickling rust removal, etc. Among them, manual ru...
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  • Small-diameter welded pipe

    Small-diameter welded pipe

    The small-diameter welded pipe is also called small-diameter welded steel pipe, which is a steel pipe made by welding a steel plate or a strip steel after being crimped. The production process of small diameter welded pipe is simple, the production efficiency is high, there are many varieties and...
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