1:Painting(black coating)
Abrasive cloth to clean the iron pipe to remove rust, brush the anti-rust primer to wait for the paint to dry naturally, and brush the first anti-rust topcoat, after the naturally dries, brush the anti-rust topcoat again.

black coating


Generally, the beveling is to ensure the quality of the welding. The welding of the workpiece is required before the welding. For the welding to be firm, the chamfer is milled at the edge of the plate.



3:Packaging(Steel belt baling)
Steel belt baling: The same bundle of steel pipes shall be the same steel grade, steel grade, and steel pipe of the same specification. If less than one bundle, it shall be bundled into small bundles. According to the customer's request, a plastic protective cap is attached to each end of each flat-end steel pipe.



(1) Truck transportation: The bottom of the compartment is properly placed with sleepers and protective rubber pads. Put protective barriers on the steel pipe strapping to prevent damage to the surface of the steel pipe, avoid direct collision between the steel pipe and the car, friction, and front and rear turbulence.

Truck transportation


(2) Container transportation: Put appropriate buffering objects in the carriage to prevent the steel pipe from rolling and swaying, avoiding the impact of the pipe end, and not pushing the medium with sewage or chemical substances.

Container transportation