Advantages of electro-galvanized

Electro-galvanized is an electrolytic process to obtain coating the surface of the steel pipe. Which is to strengthen and improve the performance of the steel surface, made ​​steel pipe decorative appearance, corrosion resistance, anti-wear and special optical, electrical, magnetic, thermal performance; steel pipe size can also be changed, to improve the mechanical fit, repair wear due to ultra-poor or because scrapped workpiece, etc., which in the industry has a wide application.

Electro-galvanized technique is an important branch of galvanizing, in addition to the above together, it is more emphasis at the strengthening of the functional surface of the pipe repair applications and small quantities of steel pipe. Therefore, in practice also requires on-site or on-line plating, more emphasis on the fast and efficient deposition of the coating on the basis of ensuring the quality of plating. Brush the basic process is wrapped wrap impregnated special bath (anode) bonded steel (cathode) to be plated parts and formed relative motion of plating, brush plating power supply connected in series between the two plating pen. Brush liquid layer to the pipe surface in order to stably provide enough plating metal ions, the high concentration of liquid pumped directly or natural reflux between the anode and cathode.

Post time: Dec-02-2019