Advantages of LSAW steel pipe

In the long-distance pipeline construction, with steel lines account for a large proportion, under normal circumstances, 35% to 40% of line pipe investments accounted for total project investment. How to choose a reasonable price, excellent performance of the pipe is particularly important, a reasonable choice to save the pipe construction investment, to facilitate the construction and safe operation of the pipeline system has a very important impact. LSAW steel pipe advantage make it can be widely used for its unique long-distance oil and gas pipelines.

Advantages of LSAW steel pipe are:

(1) without the unwind process, the base material indentation, scratch less.

(2) the wrong side, slotted, and other easy-to-diameter perimeter control, excellent welding quality.

(3) the elimination of flaring basically does not exist residual stress after stress.

(4) because it is a straight line weld, the weld is short, little risk of defects.

(5) after expanding, pipe geometry accuracy is improved greatly facilitate the on-site welding.

(6) for a straight seam, less impact on the quality of anti-corrosion coating materials.


Post time: Jul-19-2019