Anti-corrosion treatment of ductile iron pipe

1. Asphalt paint coating

The asphalt paint coating is used to transport gas pipelines. Preheating the pipe before painting can improve the adhesion of the asphalt paint and accelerate the drying.


2. Cement mortar lining + special coating

This kind of internal anti-corrosion measure is suitable for pipelines conveying sewage and can improve the corrosion resistance of the inner lining.


3. Epoxy coal pitch coating

The epoxy coal tar coating is suitable for both gas pipelines and sewage pipelines. It is a two-component coating that has high adhesion and a very smooth surface


4. Epoxy ceramic lining

The epoxy ceramic lining is suitable for sewage pipelines and gas pipelines, but due to the difficult manufacturing process and high cost, it has certain limitations in use. The epoxy ceramic lining has high adhesion and smoothness and is an excellent anti-corrosion coating.


5. Aluminate cement coating and sulfate cement coating

Both of these special cement coatings are suitable for the internal anti-corrosion of ductile iron pipes used in sewage pipelines to improve the corrosion resistance of the acid and alkali components in the sewage.


6. Polyurethane coating

Polyurethane coating is a special coating belonging to high-grade coating

Post time: Jun-11-2021