Anticorrosion 3pe coating technology

Pipeline three-layer PE anti-corrosion is new technology in pipeline anticorrosion industry. The three PE covering comprehensive Lou overlay advantages, its bonding properties, electrical insulation properties, water resistance and anti-corrosion performance and mechanical strength and toughness are excellent. The three-layer PE anti-corrosion layer can be used in a variety of environmental conditions, both for land-based pipeline, but also for the marine pipeline.

The pipeline three PE anti-corrosion layer structure and materials
The first layer of epoxy powder (FBE) 60 ~ 8O m; the second layer of adhesive (AD) 170 to 250 m; third layer, polyethylene (PE) – 2.5 to 3.0 mm. The three materials fused into one, and excellent anti-corrosion layer and the protective layer is formed with steel pipe firmly. The third layer FBE use, AD, PE must be adaptive test, match each other in order to ensure a good adhesive properties. Adhesive for PE polymer, adding a certain amount of additives, chemical reaction occurs in the the FBE gelled with ethylene, the firm bonding. Also, because the adhesive and PE for the same kind of material in the molten state, mutual fusion, the same firm bonding. Peeling test were cohesive failure, i.e. the steel pipe and the covering layer peeled off both the white layer.

Performance comparison of the three-layer PE anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion layer
Petroleum asphalt, glass cloth of 60 ~ 7O’s main products vulnerable to bacterial attack and deep-rooted plants penetrate shortcomings, but because of its short life, the mechanical properties, water resistance, anti-corrosion ineffective, and construction labor intensive and difficult to operate, and serious environmental pollution. Coal tar enamel abroad applications, but due to its mechanical strength and low temperature toughness, especially serious environmental pollution generated in the construction of flue gas containing strong carcinogens, Australia and European countries have expressly prohibit the use of coal tar enamel. PVC cold tape wrapped around our country 70 to 80 years had a small application, but has a poor bond performance, the domestic chamber with the mechanical strength and elongation of poor quality and high price, construction machinery and equipment requirements of higher unfavorable factors jacket class covering layer fill the mouth difficult, easy water seepage and corrosion, pipeline repair incidents had taken place in Los online application, has been rarely used. Epoxy powder coatings – more applications in our country, and it has good physical and chemical properties with steel surface adhesion and temperature resistance, but because of its coverage is thin and brittle, poor resistance to the external environment and rarely used alone in the long-distance pipeline. Pipeline Layer PE anti overcome the disadvantage of the system of the above-mentioned various antiseptic and have good physicochemical properties, electrical insulating properties, waterproofing and resistance to chemical attack, as well as excellent strength, impact resistance, etc., is today covering layer in the most ideal preservative system.

Post time: Oct-11-2019