Antirust varnish

Antirust varnish is a rust-proof to protect the metal surfaces from the atmosphere, water and other chemical or electrochemical corrosion coatings. Mainly divided into physical and chemical rust two categories. The former rely on a suitable pigments and paints with the formation of a dense film to prevent the intrusion of corrosive substances, such as iron oxide red, aluminum powder, graphite rust, etc.; the latter by chemical suppression rust rust effect pigments, such as red Dan, zinc yellow rust and so on. For bridges, ships, pipelines and other metals rust.

Currently used anti-rust paint roughly two kinds of oil and water. Oily greasy surface rust removal of the material difficulties, which has been rarely used. Oily rust easy to use, inexpensive, but containing nitrite, chromate and other toxic substances are harmful to the operator, the state has limited use and performance of a single such products can not meet the anti-magnetic alloy material rust requirements.

Strong water-based metallic rust metal chelator selected as the main component of inositol hexaphosphate, and several other water additives mixed together. Phytate is extracted from natural non-toxic food crops organic chemical products, when it is used as a magnetic rust inhibitor can be quickly on the surface with a metal chelate, forming a dense single-molecule complexes protection membrane, which can effectively inhibit the corrosion of metals. The product is processed by the surface of the material to maintain color, painting and so do not have to go to wash the next process.

Rust rust pigments are an important part of physical rust paint is a class by itself chemically more stable pigments, they are relying on their physical properties, chemical stability, hard, fine particles, excellent filling, increase the density of the film, the film can reduce permeability and thus play a role in anti-rust. oxide red in the case of such substances. while the metal is due to rust aluminum aluminum with scaly structure, form paint membrane closely there is a strong ultraviolet light reflected ability to improve the ability of film aging.

Post time: Dec-23-2019