API 5CT Seamless steel tubing

API 5CT is a standard on the oil casing by American Petroleum Institute, mainly for the oil pipe, tubing and casing.

API 5CT oil casing used in oil well drilling, which is mainly used for drilling and completion of the right wall of the support, to ensure that the conduct and completion of the drilling process after the normal operation of the wells. Casing is to maintain the wells run lifeline. As different geological conditions, underground complex stress state, pulling, pressing, bending, torsional stress acting on the combined effect of the tube, which the casing itself, the quality of the higher requirements. Once the casing itself is damaged for some reason, could lead to the whole production wells, or even scrapped.

Mechanical properties of API 5CT API 5CT Seamless steel tubing:

 Grade  Yield strength  Tensile strength
 H40  276-552  414
 J55  379-552  517
 K55  379-552  655
 N80  552-758  689

Post time: Dec-09-2019