Application of steel pipe construction engineering

Steel building is a light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, energy saving, can be recycled building structure. Building special steel products, including high-quality welded structural steel, high-strength high-quality plate, thermoformed pipe, steel and other high solderability; expand cold-formed steel and hot-rolled H-beam varieties and specifications, including a large section of cold-formed pipes large cross-section H-beam and light H-beam, etc; reasonable promotion of the use of weathering steel, refractory steel, Z to steel and cored electrodes and so on. The biggest advantage is the ability Steel structure buildings require people to function, sensory requirements, and economic requirements perfectly together. Steel structure with its own superior performance in recent years, rapid application development, application range covers almost all structural areas, including housing construction, bridges, dams, offshore platforms and other structures and tower mast.

Steel structure currently used in the project can be cross-sectional shape, structure and production methods for classification. Press-section, steel structure can be divided into tube structure (CHS), square (rectangular) shaped tube structure (RHS) and other shape categories. Because of the superiority in terms of appearance and mechanical performance, the application of pipe structure and square tube structure of the most widely used. According to the structure in the form of points, steel structure can be divided into grid (net shell), trusses, frames and steel pipe concrete structure of four. Steel structure refers to the use as a form of tube and square tube between the components, pipes and tubes connected by intersecting welds. According to production methods to points, steel structure can be divided into hot-rolled steel structure, cold-rolled steel tube structure, welded steel pipe structure three. Hot-rolled steel pipe wall thickness is thick, high production costs, cold-rolled steel pipe wall thickness is relatively thin.

Post time: Aug-29-2019