Applications of lined steel pipe

Lined steel pipe technology inherited respective advantages of lined steel pipe and plastic pipe, and conduct comprehensive analysis of the rational design of the pipe according to market demand, production technology, corrosion protection, connection, cost and other aspects. Thus, the pipe has a number of technical features, is widely used in various types of construction of water supply system of hot and cold water. Connections are dedicated snap ring connection, the groove (clamp) connection or threaded connection, construction techniques similar pipe trench is connected to pipe threaded connection.

With the popularity of people’s environmental awareness, health awareness, new environmentally friendly water supply pipe mushroomed after another, it is difficult to enumerate the many varieties. Lined steel pipe and plastic pipe inherited their respective advantages, but also abandoned their disadvantages. Tube design in the most important content is based on the requirements and conditions of use, reasonably determine the wall thickness of the pipe, while the parameters directly affect the price of the product. Lined steel pipe wall thickness of unique design includes an inner layer and an outer layer of plastic pipe wall thickness of the pipe wall thickness, which determines the number of technical features:

1, A wide range, the full range specifications;

2, A unique production process;

3, Quick and reliable connection;

4, Measures to improve the surface corrosion, beautiful;

5, The outer pipe wall thickness design is reasonable;

6, The wall thickness of the inner plastic tube reasonable to ensure that path;

7, Energy saving and environmental protection, the development potential.

Post time: Oct-14-2019