Better Stainless Steel Tube For Better Leak-Tight Tube Fitting Installation

SSP stainless steel tube is synonymous with safety and convenience for instrumentation tubing applications. Instrumentation tubing is designated according to its intended application, as well as by the type of mechanically attached fitting selected to join the tubing.

Instrumentation tubing is generally described as thin-walled tubing with strict requirements to deviation in diameter and wall thickness for leak-free operation on fluid transfer and pressure containment systems in process, oil & gas, natural gas, power, cryogenic, and performance-critical OEM industries.

It is counterproductive to purchase a high quality, mechanically attached tube fitting and use it with the cheapest available tubing. The quality of a mechanically attached tube fitting will be limited or compromised by the use of poor quality tubing.

Purchasing tubing to ASTM, DIN or other equivalent specifications is a good start, however, additional requirements should be considered. Most industry specification allow for rather wide variation in several important factors. Furthermore, these specifications dont universally overlap thereby bringing into question the efficacy of tubing which is inside the specification controls limits of one specification, but not another.

So simply using an industry specification does not really mean that you have selected quality tubing.


Post time: Nov-01-2019