Carbon steel pipe products and classfication

Carbon steel pipe production methods
(1) seamless steel pipe- hot-rolled tubes, cold drawn tubes, extruded tube, top tube, cold rolled tube
(2) welded steel pipe
(A) according to the process- arc welded pipes, electric resistance welded pipe (high-frequency, low frequency), gas pipe, furnace welded pipe
(B) according to the weld points – longitudinally welded pipes, spiral welded pipe

Carbon steel pipe: carbon steel pipe open at both ends and has a hollow cross-section, its length with the surrounding steel production methods can be divided into the specifications of seamless carbon steel pipe and welded carbon steel pipe, carbon steel pipe with dimensions (such as the outer diameter or edge length) and a wall thickness, said size range is very wide, from a small diameter capillary until several meters in diameter, large diameter pipes. Carbon steel pipe belongs to many a steel pipe material positioning. The steel pipe can be used for the pipeline, thermal equipment, industrial machinery, petroleum exploration, container, chemical industry and for special purposes.
Classification of carbon steel pipe: seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe (slotted tube) two categories. depending on section shape can be divided into circular steel, which is widely used, but there are also some square, rectangular, semi-circular, hexagonal, equilateral triangle, octagon shaped steel tubing. Hydraulic test should be carried out for steel pipes exposed to fluid pressure to test pressure capacity and quality, not leak under pressure, soaked or expansion of qualified, some steel pipe curling trials but also according to the standards or demand side requirements flaring test, flattening test.

Carbon steel pipe density

Density is calculated by dividing the mass by the volume. The density of carbon steel is approximately 7.85 g/cm3 (0.284 lb/in3).

Steel is much denser than water but shaped appropriately, the density may be reduced (by adding air spaces), creating a steel ship that floats. Likewise a life jacket reduces the overall density of the person wearing it, enabling him to float much easier.
There is not one value for density that is the same for all types of steel. Different steels are different alloys, although I wouldn’t have thought the values would vary greatly since all are largely steel.

Post time: Oct-10-2019