Cement mortar lining anti-corrosion steel pipe

Cement mortar lining anti-corrosion steel pipe refers to a corrosion resistant treatment of the cement mortar in the steel pipe inside the tubular body. Lined with cement mortar lining anti-corrosion steel pipe, steel pipe filled with concrete, wich can absorb a lot of heat, and therefore suffered fire string section temperature field distribution is very uneven, the time of the fire resistance of the pillars, slowing down the heating rate of the steel columns, and once the steel columns yield concrete can withstand most of the axial load to prevent structural collapse. Of the fire resistance of the composite beam will also increase, because the lower the temperature of the steel beams will transfer heat from the top flange to the concrete.

Cement mortar lining of the pipe wall and the water or gas isolation, the formation of a dense protective layer to inhibit the oxidation and corrosion of pipe wall from the bottle fouling. Compared to other anti-corrosion coating, cement mortar and the cohesive force of the pipe wall, because the hydration of the cement particles to form a gel, the inner wall of the steel pipe cemented force; volume shrinkage of cement mortar induration close to the steel pipe Organisation, generate friction; a mechanical bite cooperation between the steel pipe inner wall uneven, with cement mortar.

Cement mortar within anticorrosion pipeline operation process:
A mixture of cement, sand and water is called cement mortar. 1:3 cement mortar is commonly referred to in conjunction with one part of cement and 3 parts sand, virtually ignored the composition of water, generally in the ratio of about 0.6, which should become a of 0.6:1:3 cement mortar purposes in the construction Engineering, First, the foundation and the masonry wall, used as the binder of the massive masonry materials, such as puzzle rubble, red brick to use cement mortar; for indoor and outdoor plastering. Cement mortar when in use, but also often incorporation of some additives, such as micro-foaming agents, water powder to improve its workability and viscosity. Adding the proportion of gravel, cement mortar to become concrete.

Post time: Oct-15-2019