Characteristics And Use of Flexible Composite High-Pressure Transporting Pipe

New type of flexible composite high-pressure mild steel pipe has successfully developed and put on the market. Performance is much better than traditionalsteel and glass, the application potential.

The new high-pressure oil pipeline by seamless steel pipe with flexible composite with a light weight, flexible, high pressure, corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling, fluid resistance, insulation performance, delivery of high pressure, long life and other advantages. The tensile breaking strength of 51.2 MPa, flexural strength of 30.5 MPa, respectively, compared with similar products increased by 8% and 16% or more. When the concrete slab longitudinal mode when the gap with grout emerge to continue grouting 5 to 10 seconds should be discontinued, there is water at the bottom plate, water will emerge from the cracks under the pressure of the slurry, then need to continue grouting until slurry emitted 5 to 10 seconds after the (in this case the pressure is 2 ~ 3MPa). For the slab and the edge to take slurry, pressure can not reach the required value, then let the grout along the slab free emitting slurry solidified, and then re-drilling grouting, pressure has been to achieve the above requirement. Slurry from the adjacent plate gap or gaps emerge when the hard shoulder, stop filling. Need to top up the concrete blocks when the blocks rise above the normal top plate 1 ~ 2mm, stop grouting, grouting pressure at this time as the withdrawal of the plate due to gravity sink 1 ~ 2mm, just flush with the normal plate ( this case the pressure is generally 2-4Mpa). When the pressure gauge pointer abnormal beat or a sudden increase in sound generator should immediately stop filling. If it is found when the mortar grouting the hole from the pressure or the pressure applied through the overflow hole cork pressed for 10 minutes, pull out the cork with, this hole is no need for grouting. Grouting should pay attention not to stand before the high-pressure pipe to prevent spray (water) wounding; regular maintenance machinery, ready to moisture, water, leak-proof electrical work, to avoid safety accidents.

Post time: Sep-25-2019