Characteristics of construction method of argon arc welding of thin-walled stainless steel pipe socket

1. The welding process does not require welding materials (replaced by the pipe expansion side). The steel pipe is inserted into the socket of the pipe fitting, and the end of the bearing is welded in a circle with tungsten argon arc welding (GTAW) to melt the pipe into one body. The welding seam and the pipeline are integrated, the color is the same, and the welding auxiliary materials can be omitted, and the welding speed can be improved.

2. After the tests of pressure resistance, airtightness, drawing, negative pressure, and salt spray, the connection strength and sealing performance of the pipe fittings have obvious advantages over other connection methods; it has a wide range of applications, and this “jointless connection” The connection method has special advantages especially in pipeline wells, embedded walls and other occasions, saving labor and materials, convenient maintenance, and meeting environmental protection requirements.

3. High-cost performance, simple pipe fitting structure, obvious price advantage, safe and reliable, durable, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, and sanitation, easy to use and maintain.

Post time: Jul-13-2021