Characteristics of pipeline non-destructive testing

Characteristics of pipeline non-destructive testing

1.The characteristic of non-destructive testing is that it can be tested without damaging the material and structure of the test piece. However, not all items and indicators that need to be tested can be non-destructive testing, and non-destructive testing technology has its own limitations.

2.Properly choose the timing to implement NDT. In non-destructive testing, the timing of the implementation of non-destructive testing must be selected correctly according to the purpose of non-destructive testing.

3.Correctly select the most appropriate nondestructive testing method. Since various detection methods have certain characteristics, in order to improve the reliability of the test results, the type, shape, location and orientation of defects that may be generated should be speculated based on the material of the equipment, manufacturing method, working medium, usage conditions and failure mode.

4.Comprehensive application of various non-destructive testing methods. No nondestructive testing method is perfect. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Several test methods should be used as much as possible to complement each other to ensure the safe operation of pressure equipment. In addition, in the application of non-destructive testing, it should be fully realized that the purpose of testing is not to pursue high quality one-sidedly, but to focus on its economics under the premise of fully ensuring safety. Only in this way can the application of NDT achieve its intended purpose.

Post time: Apr-22-2020