China to be the Largest Steel Producer of World in the Next Century

At present, with economic development and technological progress driven, China steel industry turned to China. At the same time, the global steel industry development entered a new platform. It is the same to China.  As a supplier of pipeline pipe, welded steel pipe, structural steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, scaffolding and other products, Hnssd always concerned about the development of China’s steel industry. We believe that China is the largest steel producer of world in the next 100 years.

Although China’s steel production is huge, but other countries think that China’s steel industry is not strong. Great Steel think that the steel industry is one of the most competitive brands in China’s manufacturing industry. Reached “5G” level: good product, good price, good scale, good service and good brand. China has the world’s largest and most active steel domestic market, a complete steel industry system and the world’s most valuable metallurgical human resources. In addition, in the systematic, sophisticated, large-scale, green, continuous, automation and so on have advanced technology and equipment and system integration. All these conditions made China’s steel industry increasingly strong.

During China’s steel industry developing at a reduced rate, China’s steel industry is doing DE-Capacity. Iron and steel production capacity is global, not unique to China, but not by China, the world should face the challenges together.

While DE-Capacity, Chinese iron and steel enterprises can not ignore the competitiveness of the increase. To make the right iron and steel industry policy, should be environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety, tax and other standards strictly enforce the law, with the financial differentiation policy, focusing on solving market fairness; Secondly, follow the key direction of iron and steel industry structural adjustment, to reduce the development as a prerequisite to mergers and acquisitions as an important means to technological transformation, production capacity matching as the basic requirements, to structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading as the core content, focus on enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Thirdly, the future of China’s iron and steel industry policy will further implement the new sewage permit system, improve the green low-carbon laws and regulations system, the use of economic means to promote the steel industry to resolve excess capacity. In addition, the biggest characteristic of the market economy is competition, so it is important to improve competitiveness.

Hunan Great Steel will  actively to do DE-Capacity, and strive to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to produce better pipeline, mild steel pipe, galvanized pipe, seamless steel pipe, scaffolding and other products, to develop a special Shinestar characteristics way.

Post time: Sep-06-2019