Coated pipe transportation

The point to note of coated pipe during transportation

1) When using special hooks, angle steel and sling of not less than 300, in order to avoid excessive damage to the lateral pull spout.

2) anti-corrosion pipe loading must meet: a loading height of not more than two layers. b corrosion pipe beyond the car after no longer than 4m.

3) anti-corrosion pipe when using rope bundle sheath, the sheath pipe corrosion in contact with the rope at the padded rubber skin.

4) When the corrosion pipe piling, pipe pile supporting the use of bags loaded soil may not be placed directly on the soil pipe.

5) anti-corrosion pipe stacking height of not more than three layers stack pipe support to the tube in the center stack prevail, symmetrically arranged, the distance from the ends of the pipe end support for 1.2-1.8m, pipe pile supporting two pipe both sides of the crib wedge should be set to prevent the roller tube.

6) When the pipe corrosion focus stacking, vertical signs, set up special care.

Post time: Feb-13-2020