Coiled tubing

Coiled tubing is made ​​of low-carbon alloy steel pipe, there is a very good around the resistance, also known as the tubing around sex, a roll of coiled tubing length of several kilometers. You can carry a lot of homework instead of conventional tubing, coiled tubing equipment with pressurized job characteristics under continuous play, devices are small, fast cycle time and low cost. Coiled tubing drilling is by type drilling points, there are vertical wells, directional and horizontal wells; by way of the process, far from equilibrium pressure drilling, drilling and equilibrium pressure overbalance pressure drilling. From a technical difficulty, the drilling vertical wells does not require special process equipment, and drilling directional and horizontal wells requires sophisticated tools and equipment, such as window milling tools and directional control equipment.

Coiled tubing drilling technology has no joints, no adjustable bending large, dynamically sealing and intensity, high pressure, small size and other characteristics. Major equipment includes: coiled tubing unit, the three most downhole tool apparatus and circulation Grit devices. Coiled tubing drilling technology for the purpose of short radius , large displacement, multi-lateral horizontal drilling and underbalanced, slim hole drilling, to provide a safe, advanced and effective techniques. Compared with the conventional process, coiled tubing drilling technology has the following advantages: weight in old wells drilled (deepening or sidetracking drilling) operations, due to the small diameter coiled tubing, tubing operations can be carried out without removing the existing old wells production equipment, thereby side drilling while mining, significantly reducing drilling costs.

The use of underbalanced coiled tubing drilling operations can be carried out safely and reduce mud losses and prevent formation damage occurred. From the drilling process can be continuously circulating mud, tripping times and reduce cycle times, improved safety drill from the speed and operation. Coiled tubing can be built-in cable, improve signal transmission while drilling, logging while drilling to achieve complete, closed-loop drilling favor. Ground equipment, less, less waste cuttings, low noise, dirt overflow small amount, reducing environmental pollution. Fast soft formations drilling (no takeover) minimal erosion formations, logging good quality (continuous, no takeover). Good mobility equipment, installation and removal easier, saving time, safe. Due to the well site area of ​​small, coiled tubing drilling technology suitable for the ground conditions of the restricted area jobs. From the process perspective, coiled tubing drilling is particularly suitable for slim hole drilling, the drilling process is easy to raise the level of automation, reducing the need for equipment and manpower, reducing operating costs.

Post time: Mar-02-2020