Cold drawn precision pipe welding quality problems and solutions

1. Cold drawn precision tubes Weld Butt Weld occur during welding, the main welding jig is not enough stroke and docking jig when two conditions caused by too fast. a, butt welding jig stroke enough. Cold drawn precision pipe connections before and after docking with the milling cutter mark trial before welding touch, hitting stroke after the jig rod should see a certain travel allowance, travel allowance of not less than 200mm appropriate. Note that during the welding process if such a case, when the fixture stroke margin is not enough, the docking surface very well, but in fact two pieces welded butt was not thorough enough, there Weld welding. This is the Butt weld often occur but subtle issues. The solution is pre-weld should be noted that there is sufficient each jig stroke margin.

2, cold drawn precision tubes countertop to touch when the fixture too fast. Two connecting pieces after heating plate heating touch, touch on the process of the fixture if too fast, in the moment of the collision, the two connectors melting portions are pressed to the sides of most of the inner and outer walls, resulting in an inadequate weld part resulting in Weld. The solution is to implement speeds uniform operator control, so that the fused portion fully fused.

3, Welding impervious appear main reason for this is that the heating time is not enough. Different compression type plumbing pipe, different models and specifications under normal circumstances, the welding heating time at the factory have provisions, but the heating time is given at an ambient temperature of 20 , when the breeze is set, when the environment the temperature is below 10 and the larger the wind, if the heating time according to the set heating welding, after welding on the surface of normal welding is not much difference, but in fact no penetration. The solution is construction environment when faced with less than 10 and the larger the wind, the pipes should be based on different models and specifications appropriate to adjust the heating time.

4, Cold drawn precision tube weld penetration of this quality problem occurs because the heating time is too long, in the case of welding impervious opposite, for Butt welding, some construction workers welding process that the longer the heating time, welding better. The opposite is true, cold drawn precision tubes in the heating time is too long, there will be carbonized, seriously affecting the quality of welded cold drawn precision tubes.

Post time: Sep-06-2019