Cold extrusion

Cold extrusion is a metal blank in cold extrusion mold cavity, at room temperature by applying pressure to the blank on a fixed punch presses, plastic deformation of the metal blank machining method was prepared parts. At present, China has been able to lead, tin, aluminum, copper, zinc and its alloys, low carbon steel, carbon steel, tool steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel and other metal cold extrusion, even bearing steel, high carbon high aluminum alloy tool steel, high speed steel, etc., may also be a certain amount of deformation of cold extrusion. In the extrusion equipment, China has the ability to design and manufacture tonnage levels extrusion presses. In addition to using a common mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, cold extrusion presses, but also successfully employed friction presses and high-speed high-energy equipment for cold extrusion.

Extrusion is forced plastically gold dust agglomerates flow through a gap between the punch and the die or the die outlet, the manufacture of hollow cross section or a cross section smaller than a rough process for the part. If the rough squeeze without heating it, it is called cold extrusion. Cold extrusion is free of chips, one small chip parts processing technology, so is the gold scrap plastic processing technology, an advanced method. If the blank is heated to a temperature below the recrystallization temperature extrusion, it is called warm extrusion. Warm Extrusion still has the advantage of no less chips.

Squeezing, in the same direction and the flow direction of movement of the metal punch, which can be manufactured in various shapes are extruded solid and hollow parts.

Anti-extrusion, the opposite direction of the flow direction of the metal punch. Anti-extrusion of various shapes can be obtained cup.

Composite extrusion, blank part of the metal flow direction and the direction of movement of the same punch, while the other part of the metal flow in the direction opposite to the direction of movement of the punch. Can be prepared by coextrusion of the various cups, rods, tube parts.

Radial extrusion, flow direction and the direction of the metal punch motion perpendicular. Extrusion can be divided into radial centripetal and centrifugal extrusion extrusion, extrusion to manufacture radial helical gears, flowers keyboards and other parts.

When forging, metal blank flow radially outward. Forging used in the manufacture of parts or flanged shaft flange cup-shaped parts.

Post time: Oct-11-2019