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For the enterprise marketing strength, a high quality team with a strong belief may be equal to an efficient marketing performance, may be equal to a number of market development and consolidation, may also create more equal to the performance.As the first subsidiary of Shinestar Group, as a world-class production service provider of submerged arc welded pipe, Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,ltd with their own efforts, time and again these “possible” into reality.

A good general will make good men.

Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,ltd advocates of corporate culture is: with a first-class team, creating a first-class performance,show the first-class style,which is closely linked to an outstanding leadership team. The business dept.1 director of spiral pipe Cherrie Tai who is honest and serious; mature and steady, meticulous business dept.1 director of seamless pipe Sammy Zuo ; easy-going, great-hearted business dept.2 director of seamless pipe Jessica Hu; Proactive, warm and generous business dept.1 director of seamless pipe Catherine Chang; Patient and meticulous,sincere business dept.2 director of spiral pipe Sophia Hu ;studious and highly motivated business dept.1 director of welded pipe Sugar Lee.

It is under their leadership, Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,ltd six teams united as one, move forward, the achievements of an all-conquering team.We face to face, heart to heart and heart to communicate, understand each other’s current situation and needs, formed a good understanding;at the same time they help each other, and constantly stimulate each other’s potential, thereby enhancing the team’s centripetal force, combat effectiveness.

Hearts toward to one place, force make to on place.

Have a dream, there is an opportunity ;we struggle, all good things can be created. Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,ltd like it, the heart want to toward one place, force makes toward to one place, with the strength and wisdom of team assemble invincible mighty power.

The success of Georgia project in 2013 is the result of the whole team work together. Many of our colleagues have paid hard sweat, regardless of day and night to work overtime. Without complaint, full engagement, eventually god helps those who help themselves, Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,ltd won this project at last!

In the process of Israel project in 2016, due to some changes in the previous related technical data of customer, lead us we almost miss out on this orders. Once Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd team understanding to the cause of the problem, they hold a meeting to discuss immediately, take out an effective solution.Finally under the collaboration of the whole team, Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,ltd successfully signed the 3000 tons of large orders.

Building credibility with quality, serve all over the world.

High quality products and good services are Great Steel Pipe core competitiveness.

Our main products include: carbon steel seamless tube, carbon steel welded pipe, stainless steel pipe, pipe fittings. Our products, complete range, complete specifications, and in strict accordance with international standards of production. At the same time, we can also provide humanity and thoughtful value-added services, including: steel tube hot dip galvanized processing, steel pipe anticorrosion processing, steel pipe cutting, or other customized services.

So far, Green Steel Pipe for export, the tonnage has reached 10 million tons, covers more than 100 countries or regions in the world, widely used in aviation, spaceflight, national defense equipment, oil exploration, engineering machinery, automobile, railway and locomotive vehicles, new energy and other industries. At present, Great Steel Pipe has already successfully participated in a lot of welded pipe project, become a professional experts service in the global welded pipe product.

While the universe keeps rolling on orbit , a superior man makes untiring endeavour for advancement. To rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength, unity is strength, Great Steel Pipe will work with everyone together, work together to keep pace with the times, to create global welded pipe products leading enterprises, and make unremitting efforts!

Post time: Oct-28-2019